Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Buck Country: Day 3 onwards...

Link to "Buck Country", the movie!    https://vimeo.com/155071381

The following day, Andrew took us back to Kiroro to scope a few lines we'd missed on the first.
There'd been further fresh snow, but on arrival we were treated to sunshine. We were joined by Charlie, and Andrew had ditched his splitty for skis just to show us all that he could still beat us up the hill with heavier planks.
There were some great lines to be had just behind the ropes all morning, and after an early lunch we had a big climb up the "A" face to score first tracks down a very nice bowl, before a stellar long gladed pitch, and then back to the resort.
I was starting to get the hang of teles in deep pow, and it was fuelling the addiction.
Back in Niseko, the good food and good times continued...

Monday, 1 February 2016

Buck Country: Day 2 - Kokusai

Around 2 hours from Niseko is the picturesque resort of Kokusai which, whilst accessed via a different approach, is very close to Kiroro geographically - in fact you could ski between the two resorts readily, with both of them granting access to an amazing amount of buck country options.
We took a day pass and registered with the authorities, and then spent the day skinning from the top of the gondy station up to the large range to the southwest before dropping down into various bowls and ridges and then looping back in to a valley returning to the resort.
Whilst the weather had come in a bit, the vis was still fine, and we got some stellar freshies in incredible snow.
We stopped on the way home at a very pretty outdoor onsen with a great curry house.